We proudly present… Ants!

It’s been a while not to say the least, and we have been longing for this day for quite a long time now. We are so happy to release our new single Ants today. It’s the first single from our forthcoming album A Good Fire. Listen to it here:

You can also find it on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon and many more places. The cover art looks like this:

The art work is a collaboration between us and artist Emmelie Gry Rudsberg, who have also done the art work for the album.

This Wednesday is all about celebration, so forgive us for not hanging around this blog post any more than…. this.
Bye for now!

We are back! New album out on the 9th of March 2012!

We are finally done with our new album “A Good Fire”, and will release it on March 9th. As you can read further down in the news, we originally planned to release it early summer 2010, but life got in the way. Our families are now bigger, we have better jobs and so on…

To celebrate that we are releasing a fantastic new album, with 10 tracks, we will play a release gig at Kägelbanan/Södra Teatern in Stockholm on the 9th of March. Here you can read more about the gig (in Swedish), join the facebook event, and buy tickets!

Thank you for your patience, we will reward you!

// Joel, Johan, Jonas, Linus and Andreas

The Bombhappies record new album in the legendary Silence studios next week!

Silence i Koppom

Next week, on Thursday the 10th of December, we go to Koppom, Värmland, Sweden to record our upcoming new album, currently without a name (please feel free to suggest one!) in the legendary Silence studios. We will record 10 songs that has been picked out from +30 songs that we have made during the last two years. The album has no release date yet, but hopefully it will be ready for release sometime early summer 2010.