Friday’s gig cancelled!

Södra Teatern has decided to cancel our gig on Friday.

They said something like: “Well, uhm, you know… We didn’t plan this but somehow we’ve succeeded to invite all these politicians saying this would be a multi-cultural evening with bongo-drummers from Ulan Bator, and castrate-singers from Uzbekistan. And you (The Bombhappies) aren’t exactly that, are you?”

After being pissed off (as hell) at the state-financed Year of Cultural Diversity, we decided to play it cool and book another date at Södra Teatern. We will keep you posted on when this will be.

And don’t forget to visit Södra Teatern on Friday anyway (we will be there)! It’s one of Stockholm’s absolute best bars/lounges, so why not just relax and let it go?!